Please help me with my design!
I don't understand anything here, but i want only Jin for it...
Someone please HELP ME!!!!

Wallpapers 2

3 more wallpapers from didma 

- Akanishi Jin

- Kamenashi Kazuya

Koike Teppei

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I want to share with you this wallpapers made by didma
Of course, i share them with her permission.
I like her work a lot, so i think you will like it too=))

- Akanishi Jin (4)
- Tanaka Koki (1)
- Nakamaru Yuichi (1)
- Kimura Takuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Ikuta Toma, Domoto Koichi (5)

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Please... help me... i'm sure someone must have it...
a long time ago i saw kat-tun fancam from concert (i'm not sure which one) where they showed on the big screen kat-tun in there dressing room. i suck at explaining but i try... taguchi is trying to scare every member that goes into the room, at the end Kame split water on him and taguchi with towel weaping the floor. All of them are pretty young, so i think it was somewhere aroung looking concert, but i'm not sure... please help me if someone have it... i need it now...